me listening to sad songs

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appropriate white culture. dance offbeat at the club. scream at your barista when she doesn’t put enough splenda in your latte. clap at the movie theater when the credits roll. put your child on a leash.

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  • WiFi: connected
  • Me: then fucking act like it

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*dips your opinion in salsa and eats it*

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This is the world we live in now. (via)

Jessie J | “Bang Bang” (Live Acoustic)

This song stayy bangin, even solo and an octave down (except for at 2:40 when she bang bang on dat). Get it Jessie!


new video: 
"I’m Not The Only One" x Sam Smith

Stupid Danny Castellano, you don’t go creepin around when you got the head Cheerio waiting at home